Business Angel Network of Armenia (BANA) is a network of investors, entrepreneurs and executives from Armenia and abroad interested in making investments in startup companies. In addition to capital, the members bring their expertise and experience to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and connect them to resources that help startups succeed.

Uniting accomplished business leaders from Armenia and Diaspora and connecting them to promising startups, BANA creates value both for investors and for entrepreneurs. The investors benefit from opportunities for financial return and increase their chances of success by learning from and co-investing with other BANA members whose expertise spans a wide range of fields. The entrepreneurs benefit from the opportunity to present their products to investors who understand their industries and to receive financing and mentorship.

In addition to bringing investors and startups together, BANA is building an ecosystem that facilitates successful investments. It offers a range of services to both groups, such as pitching trainings to entrepreneurs and angel investing courses to the members.  In an effort to foster the growth of the ecosystem, BANA is developing a network of support, which includes law firms, financial service providers and other entities that facilitate the investment process.